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JoSH Lehan
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Email address is krellan=at=krellan=dot=com

(LiveJournal didn't mangle the email address, as it said it would, to prevent spammers from automatically grabbing it! So, I had to turn off all email display, and put it here.)

Also, for those who use MSN (I know of very few), my MSN name is krellan=at=passport=dot=com

I like playing and working with computers. I use Linux and Windows mostly. I've had some great jobs in the past programming for Linux and writing device drivers, but am currently unemployed. I'm trying to stretch my savings by investing wisely. There's so many wonderful things I'd love to buy, if only I had more money... everybody feels the same way, right?

I like goth/industrial music (more goth than industrial), electronic music (especially synthpop, and some trance, but not generic "house" music), and non-US pop. I like Britpop, Europop, J-pop, and K-pop!

I listed "goth" as one of my interests, but before you get the wrong idea, I love gothic music but not at all the goth scene. It's true that I'm fairly shy and stay at home a lot, but I love to go out and do things if invited.

I also like novelty music, especially the Dr. Demento show, on which I have kept a webpage for almost 5 years now.

I have a keen interest in Internet radio, because that's often my only source for hearing good music these days. Unfortunately the current political situation regarding copyrights has made it very difficult for stations to continue broadcasting online. On the above webpage, I keep track of which Internet radio stations play Dr. Demento, and it has been painful to watch them dwindle down to just a handful surviving today.

Something unusual about me: I don't really like movies! Surprising, since everybody else usually says in their profiles that they like movies? I will go see a few movies a year that I really like, such as the LOTR trilogy, though. The whole idea of just wasting hours of time sitting in a theatre doesn't appeal to me. I prefer more interactive things to do.

I do like to watch TV episodes, as opposed to movies, since they don't demand my full and constant attention. I love British science fiction TV shows (Doctor Who, Red Dwarf, etc.), and any American TV show as long as it has vampires in it :)

I love playing the new musical video games, such as Bemani. I play DDR and IIDX, and have dabbled in a few others. They have taught me a lot about new styles of music I would never have known about!

I don't have a religion I strongly believe in, but my favorite so far is Asatru. This religion is based on the old Norse gods, and the beliefs of the Norse people before they were involuntarily converted to Christianity. My partner introduced me to Asatru folk, and they are among the nicest and smartest people I have ever met. I look forward to the campouts every 6 months, in which we all basically retreat from modern society and spend a few days at a distant campground in the woods. We all help each other do various chores, and somehow, even that seems more fun than "real life". I'm not an outdoorsy person at all, but still, I love this.

One of my major hobbies is pinball. Those big, clunky mechanical machines you used to see in the arcades before video games replaced them. Now that home console and computer games have buried most arcades, pinball is making a slow comeback. There's still a large community of people who like pinball. I have one machine, Flash (a favorite from my childhood), and am slowly learning to repair it. Pinball machines love to break down, and they're somewhat complicated to fix, which is why you don't see many these days. They are slowly improving over time, though, and becoming more reliable. One of the largest things I'm involved with online is the emulation of old pinball machines on the computer! This merges two of my hobbies and the best part is that the computer games never break down :) I love playing pinball and try to find new games to play. I love going to collector shows that feature pinball machines, such as California Extreme!

Here's my profile on gay.com, which I pretty much cut and pasted to form this profile here on LJ. (I know, somewhat lazy, but writing autobiographies has never been my strong point....)