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PAPA - Krellan's LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
JoSH Lehan

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PAPA [Aug. 16th, 2010|10:52 pm]
JoSH Lehan
Here's a rare LiveJournal entry, because Facebook now has a size limitation for updates (not as severe as Twitter, but still pretty severe).

So here's where I was for most of last week: http://www.papa.org/papa13/live/

Entered in B division. Despite my best efforts, finished around the middle of the pack, nowhere near the qualifying cutoff mark (needed 16th or better to qualify). My B entries are no longer listed because on a whim, I decided to enter into A division, when it became obvious I wouldn't have a chance in B this year. Since all pressure was off, having accepted my loss, I actually did better in A than I thought I'd do! I also ended up in the middle of the pack in A division. I was feeling frustrated with myself, when somebody told me I should make a throwaway entry into A division just for fun. Great idea. I will keep that in mind for future years.

Also entered into Classics, both days, because Classics are what I do best at. Had some good games, but the entries were still losses because the good games were balanced out by bad games.

I need to learn to play more consistently. I can put together a good game now and then, but can't have a good game every time.